SEO Good Practice

SEO Essential Link Building

To rank well in search it is necessary to understand what you are doing with regard to your SEO. SEO is forever changing and keeping up with those changes is an essential component of website ownership.

There are several elements that make up a good quality backlink and without one or more of those elements your backlink profile will be weaker than it could be.

What is a good backlink?

  1. On a Google indexed website
  2. Within relevant content
  3. Do follow
  4. Page passes relevant link category
  5. Page has good quality score
  6. Page has unique class C IP address
  7. Page links to relevant content page on your domain

If each of your backlinks meets the above criteria (as specified at Estate Agent Specialist SEO Consultants) then you will build a link profile that will allow you to climb online & support top 10 Google rankings for competitive keywords.

This supposes of course that you don’t over optimise you’ll link text when building links and maintain 90% link text as brand and URL links, 5% junk links and empty image links, and the remaining 5% as a variety of long tail, exact match and keyword inclusive anchor text.

The exact ratios of your anchor text depend on several factors including your URL and whether it contains your keywords, as well as your page content and the keyword density of your content. Getting this balance right is difficult to achieve because there are so many variables involved, but it’s also critical to your ranking success. Request an SEO audit at and get the balance right for your site.

Always bear in mind that google’s rank brain algorithm can associate synonyms, using latent semantic indexing to associate connected words meaning that many of the variation of search terms or phrases that you use may well be being added together to give you and accidental over optimisation problem.

If you need to know more about SEO and want inhouse training for either you or your employees, offer tailor made optimisation courses that will give you the skills you need to optimise your own site professionally.