A Little History of House Building in Britain

A Little History of House Building in Britain

Early Britons constructed monuments to the gods, the heavens, the dead, and who knows what else, but houses were a temporary affair, even as the agricultural developers built settlements, the houses were built from wood and mud.

The Romans brought with them building skills unknown in these islands, and built with stone bonded together with cement. These formed a highly durable build, but when they called it a day four hundred years later and went back to Continue reading A Little History of House Building in Britain

Motorists & Mobile phones

Mobile Phones on the Move

The government is proposing cracking down on drivers using hand held mobile phones whilst behind the wheel.

Motoring organisations and bodies have been anticipating a rise in the penalty for phoning driving, anticipating that the current fine be raised by some £30, and one more penalty point than the current three be applied.

Possibly in the wake of some high profile tragic road fatalities that have been related to phone usage whilst driving, the proposals include doubling the number of penalty points from three to six, and also doubling the fine, from Continue reading Motorists & Mobile phones

How The Olympic Games Helps Britain

The Olympian Effect in Britain

After the huge successes of team GB in the London Olympic games, and the pride that the nation felt both for them, and in the staging of the international showpiece, the hopes were of continued interest and enthusiasm for the country to embrace more sport.

It was hoped that across the nation, the population would become inspired to take up pursuits that our sportsmen and women had excelled in.

Certainly cycling has seen some positive uptake, but many field sports appear to have continued their gentle decline as facilities dwindle.

The attitude of councils would seem to remain that playing fields are little more than potential Continue reading How The Olympic Games Helps Britain

SEO Good Practice

SEO Essential Link Building

To rank well in search it is necessary to understand what you are doing with regard to your SEO. SEO is forever changing and keeping up with those changes is an essential component of website ownership.

There are several elements that make up a good quality backlink and without one or more of those elements your backlink profile will be weaker than it Continue reading SEO Good Practice

Forklift Trucks & Their Rise

The Rise Of The Forklift

This machine did not arrive overnight as a result of an inventors “eureka” moment, but as a steady development over almost a century.

The fore-runner of today’s complex hydraulic forklift is generally recognised as the electric baggage waggon, a flat-bed trolley widely used on railway platforms which had no hoisting ability, but could carry small loads from A to B.

This was in the early days of the twentieth century, and the use of the electric motor in transportation was an interesting innovation and hybrids appeared in many manufacturers production lines.

The introduction of steel ahead of iron, and consequent welding in place of riveting allowed for greater strength and lighter Continue reading Forklift Trucks & Their Rise